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A History of our Dolphins part 8  

22 October 2023 - 5th Annual Luca's Legacy Clean Up event held across 3 sites, with River Guardians, Coastal Waste Warriors and Mandurah Cruises.

More than 180 volunteers removed over 342kgs of rubbish and marine debris, preventing it from entering our waterways. A great success!   

29 October 2023 - Spike seen without calf Frankl ( Seen back together 2 Nov)

2 November 2023 - Twentyone seen without Nixie. Nixie has been seen since, so being weaned.

Extreme low tides all week from 30th October negative residual combined with spring tides.

25 November 2023 - Hopscotch appears to be female ( quick look)

9 December 2023 - Extreme low tides due to a large negative residual for days, worst everyone has seen since last summer strandings ( Bowie and Ziggy)



10 December 2023 - Solo and Tswizzle found high and dry stranded in ankle deep water just inside Goegrup Lake.  

                                  Volunteers told not authorised and waited for hours for DBCA to arrive.

                                  Meantime Tswizzle was easily herded to deeper water simply by walking behind to nearby deeper channel,

                                  Once DBCA arrived, Solo was carried by sling literally 200m? to deeper channel. 

                                  Thanks to those who reported plus MVDRG, Mandurah Cruises staff and volunteers, DBCA wildife and marine officers, and Krista .

                                  Both dolphins are less than 5 years. Solo appeared blind in his left eye. Very rough measure of over 2.2m. 

11 December 2023 - We saw Solo and Tswizzle had restranded again in exactly same place, same situation. Despite all the efforts of working together 

                                  and it being the exact same situation and authorities busy, volunteers were again told not authorised and may not touch the dolphins, and likely DBCA wont be                                      able to attend due to the sick whale at rockingham. With assistance from COM to this situation a parks officer was found and attended instead and the dolphins                                    were simply herded to very nearby deeper water. Again a simple exercise, in ankle deep water.

                                  Sadly due to delays in letting help get to these dolphins at least Tswizzle now bears significant sunburn.

14 December 2023 - Hali, 4 yr old male calf of Hatrick found deceased upper Serpentine River / Back of Goegrup Lake area. Washed to bridge. 2.29m / 68.5 cm

23 December 2023 - Solo resighted, with only slight sunburn ( he was mostly lying on his side and switching sides himself whereas tswizzle was on her belly) 

1 January 2024 - Females expected to give birth this season - Nicky, Lowblow, Angus, Anna, Twentyone, Hatrick, Lovis, Wild Turkey? Laika?

3 January 2024 - 2 dolphins confine stranded in Goegrup Lake, still able to swim and covered but unable to exit. Negative residual in Mandurah - 19  !! for days

                            Believed to be Solo and possibly matata. Solo seen the next day in Serpentine river and lake appeared clear of all dolphins

8 January 2024 - Sealion hauled out at Port Bouvard Marina. This is about the 4th seal or sealion appearance on our beaches in last 3 or 4 months

16 January 2024 - Newborn sighted by Krista Dawesville oceanside ( Lovis 's calf  though only 9 1/2 months has passed since lyra deceased) a female named Lumi

24 January 2024 - Been very low tides all week now extreme low

24 January 2024 - Mother and calf likely Diver and Sky stranded at Island Point, but were quickly assisted to safe waters. Skylah suffered sunburn 

26 January 2024 - Tides all time low. Dolphins have been confined stranded Herron during the day. 

31 January 2024 - Matata and Solo found beyond Goegrup Lake, needing to recross over. Very high temperatures at present. Crossed back with difficulty 7pm on 1st.

7 February 2024 - Another set of severe low tides, with Solo confined stranded in Goegrup Lake today. Escaped overnight

8 February 2024 - Bliss found deceased in the Dawesville Cut.

13 February 2024 - Deceased oceanic female dolphin (possibly common dolphin) washed up at Novara foreshore. 1.92m length and 48cm blowhole to front of dorsal measure.

29 February 2024 - Wild turkey sadly seen mourning deceased female newborn in Eastpost canals. She was a first time mum. She grieved the dead baby for at least 4 days

                                Check final naming. May be Barley

4 March 2024 - Mandurah Cruises saw Angus with her newborn calf today. A female named Shammy after the two crew members who first saw the calf.

5 March 2024 - River found deceased at Coodanup foreshore today. She has had an entanglement on her right pec flipper since June 2020.

                         She was almost certainly pregnant ( and almost full term). 2.42m long. 71mm measure blowhole to front of dorsal.

6 March 2024 - Twenty one seen with a newborn calf today! Named Quinn.

7 March 2024 - 4 dolphins confined stranded in Samphire Cove Reserve shallows. Yoyo Tooth Christmas Jingles. Waited for higher tide to be able to leave.

                         Thanks to volunteers who watched over them throughout the day. Tide was approx .29m when first seen, expected rise to over .6m in evening

11 March 2024 - Decomposed small calf's body found on Creery Island. Bilya? 

31 March 2024 - Lowblow seen with a new calf today by Mandurah Cruises. Natalie had seen her still pregnant only days before, on the 28th.

                           Named 'LILO' (pronounced lee-low)


3 April 2024.-   Frank alliance seen chasing Lowblow and calf 

12 April 2024 - Jac seen with her first calf, Jewel.

14 April 2024 - Calf in Dawesville cut possible entanglement end of left tail fluke?

18 April 2024 - Natalie saw Anna with newborn today, named Koa.

19 April 2024 - Wendy seen with newborn, named Keke.

20 April 2024 - Nicky and Hatrick still pregnant. Squarecut seen earlier in week still pregnant.

20 April 2024 - Lou Lou seen with damaged tail stock. Yoyo alliance following Hightouchy. Cut males following Joy.

27 April 2024 - Squarecut seen with newborn, named Shanti, in Yunderup canals with Wendy, her newborn, Spike and Frankl.

4 June 2024 - Lowblow seen in town with Bitts Hook Frank and no Lilo. She and Lilo had been together all the previous day.

                       No further sightings of Lilo or calls, sadly likely deceased. Lowblow seen with the same males in the Harvey Estuary 7th. 

7 June 2024 - Nicky and Hatrick seen in town, neither had a neonate.

12 June 2024 - Koa found entangled in netting. Rescue attempt 16th and 20th June. See 24 June 2024 

14 June 2024 - Deceased comet bay female calf  1.77m found on silver sands beach. 56mm from blowhole to front dorsal. Est age 1 and 1/2. Cobblestone mouth

15 June 2024 - Finally Hatrick was seen with her new calf today! Super speedy one too.

24 June 2024 - In incredible news Koa was seen without any visible sign of the netting today!

negative residual during strandings.png
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Tide 26 January 2024 Peel Inlet.jpg
Tide 26 January 2024 Harvey Estuary.jpg
Tide 26 January 2024 mandurah.png
harvey when 2 dfins stranded 24 Jan 2024
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