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A History of our Dolphins part 8  


22 October 2023 - 5th Annual Luca's Legacy Clean Up event held across 3 sites, with River Guardians, Coastal Waste Warriors and Mandurah Cruises.

More than 180 volunteers removed over 342kgs of rubbish and marine debris, preventing it from entering our waterways. A great success!   

29 October 2023 - Spike seen without calf Frankl ( Seen back together 2 Nov)

2 November 2023 - Twentyone seen without Nixie

Extreme low tides all week from 30th October negative residual combined with spring tides.

25 November 2023 - Hopscotch appears to be female ( quick look)

10 December 2023 - Solo and Tswizzle rescued from high and dry stranding in Goegrup Lake. Thanks to those who reported plus MVDRG, Mandurah Cruises staff and volunteers

                                  DBCA wildife and marine officers, and Krista . Both dolphins are less than 5 years. Solo appeared blind in his left eye. He also was measured to be a giant! 

                                  Very rough measure of over 2.2m 

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