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A History of our Dolphins part 4 

6 Jan 2018 - Its a big welcome to the first calf of the year! 1st seen by martin (dolphin researcher) Christmas now has a brand new calf named Spirit. She sadly lost her first calf Easter Nov 2016 

8 Jan 2018 - A year to the day since it happened before, we again had dolphins trapped by low tides and sandbars at Herron Point in a channel off the beach. This time it was our most dominant bonded males 

(both previously freezebranded) 01 and 14. As there was sufficient water and plenty of fish in the channel where they were, it was decided to allow them the opportunity to escape on a later higher tide themselves rather than an immediate potentially stressful rescue. Happy to say we had a higher tide than expected a few days later and the dolphins were able to escape on their own. Thanks to DBCA wildlife officers, Les, dolphin rescue volunteers from mandurah and Orrca group who all monitored the dolphins each day/night and the public who left the dolphins in peace while they were in the channel.

16 Jan 2018 - Unfortunately today we saw female adult dolphin Frill very badly sunburnt in the inlet. She was swimming and should recover however she clearly has sadly stranded in a remote location and had to wait till higher tide to escape. With such vast areas of shallow water and dolphins who are very used to venturing into these areas after fish this is our biggest problem in mandurah. If you see a stranded or dead dolphin please call the wildlife hotline on 9 474 9055 and mandurah volunteer group on 0407 090 284

23 Jan 2018 - Big welcome to Dylan's new calf now named DC seen today in the ocean off the cut ( already a few weeks old ). First sighting believed to be 19th Jan

                       And we are happy to say Ale has made a total recovery from shark injuries. 

28 Jan 2018 - Sadly Frill the dolphin who was seen badly sunburnt 16 Jan 2018 was reported dead in shallows off coodanup ( cnr peel st and beacham st) today

Its body was already several days decomposed and no longer suitable for necropsy. Frill had last been seen near boodelan on 23rd Jan

Frill was an adult female 2.4 long severely sunburnt on her right side. She appears to have stranded alone perhaps on the day of 40 degrees few weeks ago

She was one of mandurah’s breeding females and has had several calves.

5 Feb 2018 - Sadly another two dolphins were seen with mild to moderate sunburn on their backs today. Lucy and her calf Luna must have stranded but been able to escape major damage when the tides rose. Please do keep an eye across all the shallow areas of our Estuary and rivers, there may be stranded dolphins who need our help!

13 Feb 2018 - Adult female 21 and her calf nikaila were seen in the channel at Herron point unable to leave due to low tide ( same channel as 8 Jan above). Unfortunately 21 tried leaving the area prior to high tide and they completely stranded nearby. She was helped back to deeper water by mandurah dolphin rescue group and a volunteer. Thanks go out to caretaker Les, mandurah rescue group, orcca and helpful public who all monitored the dolphins to night/high tide after which the dolphins have been able to leave the area.

16 February 2018 - Today we saw 2 new calves in the ocean. Both Duke and Malibu had lost their previous calves. However we were happy to see them each with a newborn again today :)

24 February 2018 - Blue another coastal mum who lost her calf late 2016 was seen today with a new calf now named Bay.

25 February 2018 - Both Goose and Elliott seen recovered today. Elliot was attacked by large shark see 19 Sept 2017. 

                                Goose had fishing line cutting into his left side tail fluke see May 2017. Both have survived their ordeals.

25 February 2018 - Murdoch Dolphin Research Project Krista and Delphine saw that inland resident adult female dolphin Coal has had a new baby! She weaned her previous male calf Ash late last year. 

                               Coal was seen still pregnant only three days before on 22nd so we know calf is only days old. The calf has been named Sooty.

28 February 2018 - Thank you to people who rang in concerned a dolphin was caught in rope/pot off halls head. Should anyone see a dolphin in distress please call 0407 090 284 and  9 474 9055

12 March 2018 - Mandurah Cruises were excited to see Topnotch's new calf today which has been named Carter. Topnotch was seen still pregnant only 3 days prior so the calf is only days old maximum.

                           Topnotch's previous offspring males Autumn and Beaky were also in town today.


13 March 2018 - Another coastal newborn sighted in the Dawesville coastal area, Adunca is the new mum.

19 March 2018 - Matata has clearly stranded unseen. Luckily he only has slight sunburn to his back. He is keeping company with Lionel now

21 March 2018 - A young 1.5m bottlenose calf found deceased warnbro/shoalwater area extremely thin. Was necropsied by Murdoch University. 3 newborns sighted warnbro.

22 March 2018 - A dead adult dolphin found washed up at tim thicket beach. (spotted or spinner?)

23 March 2018 -Tragically up to 150 short finned pilot whales stranded overnight at Hamelin Bay with most sadly not surviving despite a massive effort to save them.

3 April 2018 - We welcome Laika's new calf Luca into the world. Born in the town waters today! Laika was seen still pregnant in the morning 8am and with a newborn at 3pm!

3 April 2018 - As well mandurah dolphin research project saw that well known dolphin Nikki has a brand new calf! Nikki was seen still pregnant on 23rd February. Her calf has been named Djinda.

11 April 2018 - We are excited to announce that Squarecut has had her new calf Pom Pom today and thanks to alert eyes of mandurah cruises we were able to witness the birth! 

15 April 2018 - Sharkbite seen looking very thin in the cut with concerns on his health. On happier news Bear is a mum again she was seen with a few months old calf in the ocean off seascapes


18 April 2018 - Today we saw Joy in the Dawesville Cut with a new calf now named Scout. Joy was last seen still pregnant on the 9th.

24 April 2018 - Sadly Squarecut was seen without her new calf today and again the next day as well. A Large scale search was launched by mandurah dolphin rescue group and Orrca members.

                        Anna still pregnant. 

27 April 2018 - Tragically little pompom born on 11 April 2018 has been found deceased in the upper reaches of the Murray river higher than murray bend

                        ( already in decomposure). Pom pom was male, 1.24m long,  blowhole-dorsal 40cm, girth 71.8cm. Vale dear sweet pom pom. Thanks to person who found, DBCA, Murdoch and Murray shire 

7 May 2018 - A big hello to Anna's new calf called Kim seen today for the first time. Anna was seen still pregnant only days prior on 4th May.     ( 10/7 )

21 July 2018 - A southern right whale was seen with pod of dolphins in the Dawesville cut today past the bridge. 

30 July 2018 - Male dolphin Scooby seen by mandurah dolphin research project and dolphin watchers in dawesville cut with significant shark attack injuries.

5 August 2018 - Dead neonate humpback whale washed up on melros beach

30 August 2018 - Adult dolphin Moretto seen with severe injuries to dorsal fin at Dawesville Cut mostly likely caused by shark. Thanks to Lynda and Michelle for reporting.

14 September 2018 - Dead thin 2.4m female bottlenose dolphin found washed up 1km past Preston Beach carpark.

22 September 2018 - Subadult male dolphin 2280mm long  ( Lionel ) found deceased upper reaches of Serpentine River. Thanks Zac for reporting and taking photographs!

29/30 September 2018 - Deceased subadult bottlenose dolphin found floating in water Secret Harbour beach 2230mm long. Thank you for those who brought the body up high on the beach.

10th November 2018 - Little 3 year old female calf Comet recently weaned from Hayley was trapped today in low tide in the channel off Herron Point. Luckily she was able to exit safely at high tide.

24 November 2018 - Dolphin seen in sticks channel with serious sunburns from stranding. Confirmed to be Karenina.

24 November 2018 - Nicky sadly was seen alone today without her almost 8 month old calf Djinda. A search was commenced for Djinda. ( See 20 December below)

9 December 2018 - Sadly a 1.78m very decomposed dolphin juvenile was found deceased at South Yunderup ( not Halo or Djinda)

20 December 2018 - Today we found Djinda! She was with Nugget and Breeze (Breeze weaned early) and older female calves Comet and Buddy. 

1 January 2019 - A new year and a new calf! Welcome Billy Ray born to Cyrus seen today for the first time. Cyrus was last seen still pregnant on 21st Dec.

15 January 2019 - Subadult male dolphin Kidbilly was rescued from stranding in shallows near Samphire Cove today

20 January 2019 - A big welcome to two newborn calves first seen today! Born to Bowie was Stardust ( Bowie last seen 11th) and Piper to Prince ( last seen two days earlier on 18th).

26 January 2019 - Large adult dolphin stranded at Island Point, helped to deeper water by members of the public.

27 January 2019 - A big welcome to a new newborn Diamond to mum Lucy seen today. Lucy was seen still pregnant only two days before, so it is likely the calf was born on Australia Day.

1 February 2019 - Unfortunately Natalie from rescue group saw a very badly sunburnt dolphin ( Amira)  from stranding in our waterways today.

10 February 2019 - Unfortunately we saw 11 month old calf ( Luca) with fishing line around it's body today DBCA notified.

19 February 2019 - Thanks to rescue group, volunteers, DBCA officers and mandurah cruise staff who rescued stranded female Buddy at Island Point today. Buddy was seen the next day completely fine!

20 February 2019 - Sadly Natalie from rescue group today saw the Pan has clearly stranded alone and had to wait for high tide to survive. Pan has received bad sunburning to her? right side.

26 February 2019 - Welcome to the world Lowblow's newest calf Aroha seen by mandurah cruises today. Lowblow was last seen still pregnant on 24th so this tiny calf can only be a day old.

26 February 2019 - Massive thanks go out to DBCA for the rescue of Luca one year old male calf badly entangled in fishing line. DBCA were able to cut all the line off and Luca is now free of his entanglement!

6 March 2019 - Blake spent a day caught out by low tide and sandbars forming at Samphire Cove today. However it was cool weather and he was able to swim at all times whilst waiting for high tide in evening.

15 March 2019 - Kidbilly was very lucky to be seen and rescued by caring locals today after stranding on the sandbar upstream of Woodlands Parade Stakehill.

16 March 2019 - Freezebranded male dolphin 14 was caught in shallows by low tide at Samphire Cove today. However he was able to exit successfully later same day.

25 March 2019 - Big Welcome to Twenty Two's gorgeous new calf Tswizzle seen today. 22 was last seen still pregnant on 20th March.

30th March 2019 - Welcome to another new calf Brave this time to first time mum Angus. We last saw angus still pregnant on 25th though mandurah cruises may have seen her after that date

12th April 2019 - A sub adult male dolphin was found deceased today in the shallows of Harvey Estuary. I believe this was Kidbilly. Sadly he was too decomposed for a necropsy.

13th April 2019 - Female dolphin 21 seen with a new calf today! This calf has been named Tallie.

17th April 2019 - Big welcome to Sweetpea's new calf today! Sweetpea was last seen pregnant on 11th.

23 April 2019 - Warm welcome to two Easter newborns born the mums Sea and Mowgli! Both mums were last seen still pregnant on the 18th.

24th April 2019 - Lowblow seen without her newborn Aroha since approx Thursday 18th April. 


2 May 2019 - Warm welcome to Hayley's newest calf seen today. We last saw hayley prior to the birth on the 27th.

4 May 2019 - Sadly today we were told a deceased juvenile dolphin had been seen on 18th March in Murray River creek ( likely pan). We could not find the body however today

5 May 2019- Nicky's new calf seen today for first time (sunday). She was seen still pregnant by a local resident on previous thursday. Nicky's previous calf Djinda born late February or during March 2018 is still alive but living separately from Nicky since November 2018 at <9 months old. Calves are approx 14 months apart. 

9 May 2019 - In the saddest of news Squarecut has been seen pushing her dead newborn today.

Sadly this is the third neonate calf she has lost now ( Andrew Pom Pom previously ), with the 4th Lindy also dying before reaching 3 years.

She was seen still pushing the dead baby on 14th May.

10 May 2019 - Sadly Elliott was attacked overnight by a large shark. He has a severe bite on his back before his dorsal and bite marks on left side of his body. 

15 May 2019 - 6th day of mourning Squarecut's deceased calf become wedged in branches along the Murray River and mum finally moved on. Female kalani has been taken to Murdoch University.

22 May 2019 - Today we saw Wendy's new calf for the first time. As well the day before Murdoch Research project was Mark with a new calf

1 June 2019 - Sadly today we saw Wendy alone with no sign of her new calf born on 22 May 2019.

1 June 2019 - In happier news first time mother River was seen with her newborn today. 

5 June 2019 - Male dolphin Frankenstein seen with a shark bite behind his dorsal and tail. Squarecut is now being pursued by males

6 June 2019 - A newborn calf got into a pickle on high tide at the mandurah marina somehow ending up stuck on the rocks! Luckily Mandurah Cruises were sailing nearby

and saw the stuck calf. Even luckier one of their skippers was on land nearby. Doug scaled down the rocks and returned the calf to the stressed mum below! Well done Doug!

14 June 2019 - Luca was seen today in town waters badly entangled in line again! Thank you to DBCA for continued efforts to unentangle Luca in weeks following

15 July 2019 - Southern right whale in the dawesville cut. Exited without incident to ocean

16th July 2019 - Deceased decomposed neonate located in creek between Murray river and Inlet ( side of Little Island). Thought to be Wendy's calf ( see 1 June 2019) 


                                                                           History continued on page 5 here




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