A History of our Dolphins part 5 


27 July 2019 - Sadly Nicky was seen today without her calf Solo ( less than 3 months old born early may) presumed deceased. iNCREDIBLY Solo was seen back with her mum 3 days later!

7 August 2019 - In the saddest of news a 1.7m female found deceased on Golden Bay beach was confirmed as our little Djinda. The body was very thin.

                           Djinda our littlest of champions was born approx march 2018 and had lived apart from her mother Nicky from 8 months old, a feat in itself

                           As time went on it was clear Nicky had become accidently pregnant again soon after conceiving Djinda, and had her new calf Solo early May 2019.

                           Djinda had the protection of other orphan Nugget for 6 months and also early weaned Breeze. However we had not been able to find Djinda since May.

                           Djinda survived against all odds for 17 months this has been a huge loss.

8 August 2019 - In much happier news we thank DBCA for disentangling Luca today!!! Sadly within three days Luca was even more entangled again.

23 August 2019 - Heartbreakingly today, in the final stages of what had been a highly successful 3rd disentanglement rescue of Luca, he slipped away and passed. This has hit us all hard. 

26 August 2019 - Concerningly 21 has been seen without her 2019 calf and with males only for last two sightings. This suggests her calf has sadly passed.

30 August 2019 - Another sad loss. Tom, female river going dolphin was found deceased in the Serpentine River today.

1 September 2019 - Resident concerned Nicky had something on her dorsal fin. Seen with solo near Dawesville Cut

3 September 2019 - Solo found stranded in shallows Nairns alone. Returned to deeper water. 1.62m long. Huge thanks for City of Mandurah rangers and ground staff, DBCA, Dr Nahiid Stephens, River                                               Guardians, rescue group volunteers, and residents we are thrilled to confirm Solo was able to reunite with mother Nicky.

21 September 2019 - With great sadness we announce the passing of freezebranded male dolphin 01. Perhaps the most dominant dolphin in  Mandurah we have followed him through the years and have records on this dolphin since he stranded in 1990. He clearly lived a long and successful life, rising to the top of the resident male alliances and likely fathered many of our dolphins. Vale 01.

He was found in the lower reaches of the South Dandalup river and measured over 2.6m long.

7 November 2019- Hatrick is seen with a brand new calf ! She was last seen still pregnant on 4th. The calf has been called Hali.

23 November 2019 - Comet seen with very small amount of sunburn on her back from stranding. 

Tom confirmed to have had the Morbillivirus virus

9 December 2019 - Bowie and stardust seen by kayakers in Harvey River, threat of stranding.

11 December 2019 - New calf born to Anna seen today. Anna was last seen still pregnant on 9th December.

30 December 2019 - Injured sick or entangled whale off mandurah today. Marine Safety attended until DBCA arrived.

18 February 2020 - Possible entanglement seen by a member of the public on a calf in town waters. 

19 February 2020 - Sadly a very thin subadult male Chipper was found by the Watts Family deceased in the Harvey Estuary today. Necropsy to follow.

21 February 2020 - Welcome to Zetta's new calf, seen for the first time today.

29 February 2020 - Goose seen with shark attack injuries in the Dawesville Cut.

19th March 2020 - Today Mandurah Cruises spotted Malika with her brand new calf who has been named Meelan

20th March 2020 - And today we saw Boris with her first calf, looking very newly born (named Oliver).

20th March 2020 - In tragic news we no longer see a calf with Hayley ( born late April last year) and Hannah looks very thin as well.

File note. coal being herded by males 24th March. Christmas being herded 22nd February.

24 March 2020 - Ziggy seen with sunburn on right side and back. Unfortunately has stranded unseen but been saved by a rising tide.

8 April 2020 - Hayley still being herded by males. 11th April no longer with males 

18 April 2020 - Hannah has been looking very thin. Sadly Floppy also hasnt been seen since later 2019.

7 May 2020 - Lowblow first seen with newborn calf today after a huge storm. Lowblow was last seen still pregnant on the 3rd.  They then disappeared for 9 days finally being resighted on 17th.

9 May 2020 - Brave seen with fishing line around his right pec flipper. River also reported 8th June. Dolphin possibly with rope 5 July.

11 July 2020 - Squarecut seen still no calf. Diver being pursued by crook alliance