A History of our Dolphins part 7 2022

29 April 2022 - New calf born to Wendy first seen today

29 April 2022 - New calf Dove born to Prince first seen today

2 May 2022 - Cut males have been following Wild Turkey recently. Emily has a calf ( Emily is herself a calf of Mahalo)

2 May 2022 - Jingles believed to be female.

11 May 2022 - Hatrick free of males

21 May 2022 - Nicky still pregnant. Hayley seen without  13 mnth old calf Poppy ( Hayley seen several times after still with no poppy) Update see 1 July 2022

21 May 2022 - Wendy seen without her 3 week old calf. Several further sightings including 26th & 27th May have confirmed the calf must have deceased.

1 June 2022 - Concerns that poppy is no longer seen with Hayley or at all ( see 1 July 2022)

1 June 2022 - High Jinx and Indie male. Jingles, Sailor and Baloo are female. Lucy Bowie Malika all look pregnant ( ? Hayley) . Jasper likely male.

7 June 2022 - Nicky has a new calf born in the last few days. ( see 23 June 2022)

23 June 2022 - A male neonate was found alive on town beach. The rough ocean had 3m large swell sets rolling towards the breaking surf town beach

                        Swimmers remarked the inshore current was unusually strong.

                        We believe the strong swells likely caused the small calf to be swept onto the beach, away from it's stronger mother.

                        Normally it would be very hard to know who such a calf was and without a mum and the raging swells there is limited chance of survival.

                        However with Mandurah Cruises help we were able to id the calf as Nicky's ( also spelt Nikki )

                        Nicky's calf had a very frilly tail and very frilly dorsal exactly as this calf did. The calf measured 1.3m long, fitting in with Nikki's "giants" lineage.

                        Frantic efforts by volunteers to find its mother Nicky luckily were also quickly successful

                        She was found alone in adjacent calm marina and town waters and appeared to be frantically searching for her calf. We had a boat stay with her.

                        Unfortunately our many requests to DBCA that reuniting should at least be attempted were refused and the calf was euthanised by them.

                        Her mother stayed in the town waters for the rest of the morning sadly with her calf euthanised on a beach around the corner.

                        Whilst this is the hardest situation rescuers have to face and normally does end this way when a mum is not found, we believe it would have been

                        worth to try and reunite them, given that we had found the mother in nearby calm waters.  

                        This was also taking into account twice Nicky has reunited with separated calves in the past including one stranded on the shore.

                        Both times successful reuniting occurred, and the calves never left her side afterwards for years.

                        These were likely due to Nicky's well known behaviour of foraging in the extreme shallows and calf misadventure even shallower.

                        Nicky is Mandurah's best known dolphin and the huge outcry from the community is a lasting testament to their love for these dolphins.

1 July 2022 - In far happier news 14 month Poppy who hasn't been seen with his mother for weeks was suddenly back with her today!

                      Further update see 6 July

6 July 2022 - In a very bittersweet moment Hook and Bitts ( rescued dolphins) seen herding Nicky.

                     Hayley seen foraging in Inlet and then travelling to Dawesville Bay with others - Poppy was halfway down Harvey Estuary with other calves, & Diver.

31 July 2022 - Whisper and Indie confirmed male. Remy and Bodhi almost certainly male based on behaviour. Jasper also possibly male.

11 August 2022 - Wendy being herded by Bitts Hook and Blake.

For researcher - Dolphins not seen for over a year- Ziggy Comet Merak Kiss Lita Luna. Concern more recently for Piper. Watch for nikalia and splash

7 September 2022 - Lowblow being herded by Crook Alliance ( now includes Yoyo)

11 September 2022 - Ryder appears to now be weaned

1 October 2022 - Surprise entrapped behind rocks due to low tides in front of Katinka Retreat for 3rd time.

                            Thanks to all the residents and people who rang and watched over him and DBCA marine ranger Ben who attended.

                            Surprise was able to successfully escape on the high tide during the night