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A History of our Dolphins part 4 - summary notes


Notes since James report :

Since James thesis Jagger has died from shark attack probably whilst outside the cut found dead 8.10.2012.

Captain morgan found dead august 2012 in harvey estuary had lost many of his teeth indicating older age

Oyster found dead 22 March 2014 old age? note she had a calf with her during 2012 study and possibly a new calf that may have been born late 2013 and died as well march 2014.

suspected 2012 mums are squarecut (her calf is a female born april 2012), 22, bendy wendy, nikki

suspected mums in 2013 include  21 (Jan), Gnawra, Lucy, Mowgli

suspected mums in 2014 include scar, topnotch (calf named autumn) and late october freezebrand 21. so we arent sure if her previous calf survived. 

suspected mums 2015 lowblow ( calf named benji ) note during 2012 dolphin study lowblow had a male calf at her side named linkin it has a tattoo type mark like a three leaf clover down low on its dorsal right side  , 2nd new mum dolphin with streakmarks running down dorsal left side and Nikki (uboat) calf named surprise ( last calf giggles born 2012) . 22 also has a new baby born third week april named Jac ( last calf magnum born 2012)  and another new mum has a nick out of her dorsal bit lower than half way down. squarecut had a new calf late may (last calf 2012). another mother has a very frilled dorsal edge ( Frill) ( she also had a previous new calf in 2012)

Two dolphins stranded in black lake were renicknamed trouble and squeaky. trouble was rice in james report.

Lowblow and Topnotch continue to be close and regularly together in town waters like they were with their previous calves

Crook is definately a male and has two other male allience partners.

Scarry the dolphin with large white scar right side and shark injury of July 29th is male

Dolphin with notch missing out of its left pec fin is a female ( this is topnotch)

a number of the dolphins have been seen over the years some with some fishing line on them

many of the females are having calves every 3 years or so this clearly seen in 2015

most of the dolphins roam through the entire waterways system but some dolphins seem to only favour the cut and the ocean there and havent been seen in the inlet

dolphins have been seen past stakehill bridge in serpentine river

two years after first sighting we again saw a dolphin with many old shark scars and dorsal completely split in half vertically with the back half of the dorsal hanging down ( Rod) , in the ocean off blue bay/roberts point. There are dolphins in our area in the ocean that never go into the inlet system such as this one/this pod.

Mowgli's 2013 calf confirmed a female ( this is probably spot). Benji is male. 

Topnotchs 2014 calf Autumn is male.

Squarecut is a mum again her last calf was born in 2012.

Several dolphins seen after winter 2015 with new dark spots, raised white circular areas and tattoo like skin markings. Several newborns are very scratched up as well. 

Pearl in james report is "christmas" nikkis daughter. Ruby and tooth are males and seem to be in an allience with crook now. 

squarecuts 2015 calf is a female called lindy. she stranded alone on 28 Jan 2016 in upper serpentine.

Hayleys calf named comet born late jan. Hatrick had her new male calf Halo early Feb 2016. Gnawra seen heavily pregnant early Feb. Bowie and Gnwara had their new calves early march named Ziggy and Nugget. Christmas had Easter at easter 2016 ( late march) and Diver had Scuba late march as well followed in April by Zetta calf Lita and Lucy with calf Luna. Wendys new 2016 calf named Pan.

Surprise ( Nikkis 2015 calf) confirmed male. As well Tigger, Bottle, Halo, Scarry, Linkin Elliot Dora? 21's calf, Kovu and Matata are all believed to be males. Krill Karenina Teddy Nugget and mScuba are female. Linkin male was born to lowblow Jan 2011. 

some old notes on 22 - one of our well known adult females

Number 22 is the mother of 21. She and 21 were rescued from stranding on 13.3.97.  She has since had several more calves  Fallon born April 1998, Filo autumn 2001 but sadly her next calf was stillborn or died shortly after birth in Autumn 2004.

She then had a further calf who survived. On 17th April 2009 22 was seen carrying a new tiny dead calf on her snout, pushing it through the water. Dolphins mourn their dead calves for several days. Unfortunately the death rate of new born calves in dolphins is very high.

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